Thu. Oct 24th, 2019

Pimp My Skate!

Maybe you’re looking to make your skateboard stand out in the crowd, or maybe you have a skateboard-mad son/daughter/friend/partner and you want to treat them to a little something special. if so, then here is the Skateboards of Choice guide to pimping up your skateboard ride.

Grip tape:

The most obvious place to start is with the most visible part of the board, the grip tape. Most grip tape is black, as I’m sure you know. But how dull is that? What a missed opportunity to add a little colour to your set-up. A lot of decks these days have a design on the top of the deck as well as below, so if your deck has a cool graphic on top, why not show it off with some clear grip tape from Enuff – this will allow the graphic to show through. And don’t worry if you’ve already covered the graphic up with standard grip tape – most grip tapes can be removed without damaging the graphic.

If your deck does not have a graphic on the top, why not go for some coloured grip tape?  A lot of people tend to colour-co-ordinate with grip tape, so if you have blue wheels, why not go dor some blue grip tape to keep the theme going? There are loads of other griptape ideas out there – Mob grip tends to do tie-ins with all the big skateboard manufacturers, and we have lots of them in stock at all times.

Mounting bolts

Another great idea is to nab yourself some colourful mounting bolts. Shortys have lots of bright colours available, including a glow-in-the-dark option. Or Fracture do a great multi-coloured bolt set.


There’s not much that can be added to a truck to pimp it up, but it might be worth thinking about upgrading the bushings (the circular rubber bits in the middle of the truck). Most trucks are built using standard issue bushings, but they are available in different hardnesses for different styles of skateboarding. The market leader in bushings is the Khiro Hardcore Bushing and we have a good selection alsways in stock.


A few years back virtually all skateboard wheels were a boring old white colour. Now brands like Hubba and Spitfire are bringing in bright colours and often providing four different colours in one set. Enuff also do a great glow-in-the-dark wheel for skateboarding fun at night!

Tail Devils

Tail Devils are a fun way of adding a bit of flair to your set-up. The tail devil creates sparks when it comes in contact with the ground, giving you a way-cool Evel Knievel (look him up) feeling every time you flip the board!

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration the next time you are buying a skateboard for a loved one (i.e yourself!)