Thu. Oct 24th, 2019

Skateboard Decks With Most Pop

Our customers regularly ask us which decks have the most pop.

To an extent, it’s a matter of personal preference – chances are if you’re first ever deck was a Flip deck, you are going to like the way all Flip decks behave, just because that is what you are used to.

But we were interested to see a skater with over 20 years’ experience gave her opinion as to which was the poppies decks on the market. The Top 7 (why not Top 10 I wonder) went like this:







Plan B

Happily, we stock all of these brands here at Skateboards of Choice. A lot of companies have poured a lot of money into creating deck technologies that improve pop (Girl’s Pop Secret decks and the Flip P2 decks to name two), and these decks really do seem to deliver. But for a lot of people, it seems that you just can’t beat good old-fashioned 7-ply Canadian maple.

I’m quite pleased to see Element at the top of this list. Element seem to have been forgotten slightly, now that the allure of Bam Marguera has worn off slightly. But their Mexico-made decks are rock solid and do seem to retain their pop for an uncanny amount of time. Plus their graphice by Ed Templeton are amongst the best in the business.